Free Mozart Requiem files (leuk… daar doe ik het voor)

To: Jeroen Teelen
From Jordi B. Paradis

Subject: 10,000 thanks


What such good job you have done with the Mozart Requiem support material.
We are an amateur group from Shanghai (China) that we are preparing it for this coming May. Most of the singers are Chinese, not used to western music but members of many churches of Shanghai lots of them and lovers of good music, so your material will be a great help for them to prepare well.
If everything goes audible, I promise to send you a recording of it.
By the way, if you have any logo or official name we’ll like to include you on our thanking notes, do you mind?
Thanks for sharing with all music lovers,


PS: btw your sibelius files are for sibelius 6 or 7? (on my sibelius 7 it’s opens with lots of irregularities and symbols that overlap)

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